Below is the list of exams you can enter and the sessions in which they are offered at the Valais Centre. Click on a heading to sort accordingly. You may also wish to consult the exams and sessions in the Vaud East Centre.

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Cambridge ESOL Valais
December 2018CPE Certificate of Proficiency in EnglishValaisWritten : 01.12.2018, 08:30
Speaking : Between 28 November - 1 December
400.0015.10.2018a, b, c
December 2018FCE First Certificate in EnglishValaisWritten : 04.12.2018, 08:30
Speaking : Between 1-4 December
375.0015.10.2018a, b, c
December 2018CAE Certificate in Advanced EnglishValaisWritten : 05.12.2018, 08:30
Speaking : Between 1-5 December
385.0015.10.2018a, b, c